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The studio began its course in Jávea, by Mariano Santos and his studio Live Author Projects formed by a group of interior designers and architects from Madrid, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Passion that continues in the family with the new generation, Alejandra Santos.


Jávea is a unique mediterranean place, where the light we have found transmits the peace, the serenity, balance, and harmony we were looking for; the character we believe the mediterranean style is.

Every project is connected with the atmosphere of the landscape, creating lifestyles in spaces that make you feel at home, with details that are taken care of, designs that are carefully studied and beautiful sea views.

The enthusiasm, the passion, and the hard work are the key to the amazing results of each of our projects.

"Homes for sale" are the projects we create and believe in, in which we select everything from the location to the furniture, and give a full service to the client who sees the house and falls in love with it.

If you want us to view your house, we design a project specially for you, if you love our work, "Get in touch" with us, so we can turn you house into a Live HOME author. 


Thank you!

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